Single Layer Ceramic Capacitors (SLC)

All Parts Available in Non-Magnetic Termination

Standard Edge to Edge
Border Cap
Twin Cap
Up to 100GHz
Up to 100GHz
Up to 30 GHz
Up to 30 GHz
Capacitance Range
0.04pF to 10000pF
0.04pF to 10000pF
0.06pF to 1200pF
0.4pF to 3300pF
DC Blocking, RF Bypass, Filter & Tuning
DC Blocking, RF Bypass, Filter & Tuning
High Accuracy, Elimination of Wirebond
Capacitor Array, Suited for Decouping, DC Blocking for GaAsICs
Data Sheet

Quotes & Samples

In addition to the wide-range of multi-layer capacitors, PPI can supply high quality Single Layer Capacitors according to the engineer’s specifications to develop an SLC which will meet the engineer’s requirements.

Once these specifications are confirmed, PPI will then supply the customer with a Spec Sheet with pricing and delivery options.

Please contact PPI directly at 631-425-0938 or by email at to start this process.

Capacitance, Dissipation Factor, Insulation Resistance, Metallization, Voltage, Temperature Coefficient and Physical Dimensions per customer specifications.


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