High-Q/Low ESR By-Pass Capacitors: X Series

Low ESR By-Pass Capacitors

TC = ±20% (X7R)

Case Size
0505X (.055" x .055")
1111X (.110" x .110")
2225X (.220" x .250")
Value Range
470pF - .01µF
.047µF - .1µF
.01µF - 1µF

Quotes & Samples

PPI introduces the X Series of High-Q Low ESR capacitors, which are designed to provide an enhanced capacitance range while maintaining an equivalent footprint to the 0505, 1111, and 2225 sizes of the C and P series. This means there is greater capacitance capabilities without sacrificing valuable space on your circuit board: increased capacitance in a compact package.

These capacitors boast an impressive array of features that make them highly desirable for a variety of applications. They offer High-Q, High Power, Low ESR/ESL (Equivalent Series Resistance/Equivalent Series Inductance), Low Noise, High Self-Resonance, and very stable performance for precise tuning, efficient bypassing, effective coupling, reliable feedback, robust D.C. blocking, or accurate impedance matching. From UHF/Microwave RF power amplifiers to mixers, oscillators, filter networks, low noise amplifiers, timing circuits, and delay lines, these capacitors provide the necessary performance and reliability to meet your specific needs.

One of the notable features of the X Series capacitors is their X7R dielectric. While this dielectric offers a higher capacitance compared to the C, P, and N series capacitors, it’s important to consider the trade-offs of lower WVDC and TCC.


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